Jess Knollmeyer

About — Jess Knollmeyer

About Me :)


I’m passionate about doing good work with great people.

I run a purpose-led business to create meaningful work that empowers my clients to be more successful. My projects are driven intelligently, by good-hearted people with an intention to create something beautiful and purposeful. That's my overall aim with each new web design collaboration.


Seeking the unknown

As a world explorer, I love to step out of my comfort zone and dive into the unknown; to meet new challenges head on and learn from people and culture around me. I'm fueled by a never-ending need to keep learning, which keeps my curiosity high. I like to bring this inquisitive nature into all of my projects...asking many questions to help get to the core problem to solve. With a background in marketing, graphic design and project management, I bring a detailed, holistic approach to my UX/UI work. 

Think Big, Work Hard

Big ideas, creativity and the knack of insight help me connect with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create meaningful websites and apps. As a natural leader, I love to collaborate and bring skillful teams together. With 5+ years experience working within an agency, client side & freelancing, I'm fortunate to have worked with some great minds on awesome projects. 

Stretch those legs

Real world experiences bring a shift in perspective. Getting out from behind the laptop is a huge priority for me. I love to work remotely — switching up my environment to keep motivation and influence varied. You can usually find me in Melbourne, India, the US or Europe. Offline, I love to take photos, practise yoga, garden, hike, drink coffee and eat pickles.  

Have a project in mind? I'd love to hear from you!