Jess Knollmeyer


— An underlying passion to do good work with great people


Approach to Projects


As a freelance designer, I focus on taking the time to gain a deep understanding of my clients, their industry and their customers. It's through this holistic approach and clear process that we uncover where we can create the most effective impact online.


Digital Services


Looking for a designer with a process driven approach and strong technical knowledge for a website or app project? Through years of experience planning and creating websites for clients, I bring a detailed knowledge of current web trends and standards, not only in visual design, but in technical aspects too. I enjoy both UX and UI design and find that through a balance of both achieves a higher rate of conversion, increased time on site and improved site performance.


User Experience Design — UX


User Experience Design, or UX, is a design approach that aims to improve usability, accessibility and effectiveness of a website or app. My approach to UX includes research, user personas, user journeys, wireframes and interactive prototypes. By focusing on the needs of the user first and foremost, we can ultimately build a solution that is easier to use, more enjoyable and is more likely to convert.

User Interface Design — UI


User Interface Design, or UI, is the visual design of a project, introducing typography, colors, styles and branding to the website or app. This leads to the end result: a stylish, visually appealing, modern website or app that not only looks great, but is backed by the planning and research of the UX phase. 



Photography is a personal passion of mine that I mostly do just for fun. The idea of capturing a still image of a moment in time is incredible! I've always been fascinated with the photographers ability to manipulate reality, to capture an almost-missed detail and to see the world from a different point of view. 


Strategy, Thoughts & Ideas


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