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Just get started already


To get anything done, you have to first start.

I know, I's not rocket science, right? But how many ideas have been so great and how many projects have you wanted to take on, yet that key kickoff just hasn't happened? 

I can't even count my number. Sometimes I will get as far as buying a domain name or googling ideas. But that hardly counts as progress. On my plate for the last few months (ok, a year) has been the plan to start my blog. It's been dangling there, but it's felt so far away. What could I write about? Who are my readers? Do I have anything important to say? 

I have been dwelling on these questions and 100 more rather than just putting some words on paper (err, screen?). Luckily for me, I got the final catalyst I needed. Paul Jarvis's Sunday Dispatch found it's way to my inbox and my attitude shifted. I realised I have been holding myself back because I needed my first article to be some award winning creation. But reality check, it's not going to be and that's ok. 

All I need to do is write good. Not technically sound, not the most interesting piece ever, not focussed on word choice. Just making a point. My writing probably won't be exciting or interesting at first, but that's ok. I'm going to keep writing good and see where it takes me.

I see this same sticky spot in clients all the time. That uncertainty about starting. So many ideas, but not sure how to kick things off. Whether you're a solo operator or part of a small business and you're looking to create something, just do it. Take the step. It doesn't need to be an award winning creation or the best thing in the business. 

Just get started already!


Jess Knollmeyer