Jess Knollmeyer

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About Me :)


I’m passionate about doing good work with great people.

Not all work is powerful, earth moving stuff. But all projects have a chance to be driven intelligently, by good-hearted people with an intention to create something beautiful and purposeful. That's my overall aim with each new opportunity. If we can positively impact our community along the way, bonus points!


Hey you, I've got a question

A constant explorer, I'm fueled by a never-quenched thirst to keep learning. I like to bring this inquisitive nature into all of my projects...asking many questions to help get to the core problem to solve. With a background in marketing, graphic design and project management, I bring a detailed, holistic approach to my UX/UI work. 

Think Big, Work Hard

Big ideas, creativity and the knack of insight help me connect with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create meaningful websites and apps. As a natural leader, I love to collaborate and bring skillful teams together. With 5+ years experience working within an agency, client side & freelancing, I'm fortunate to have worked with some great minds on awesome projects. 

Stretch those legs

Real world experiences bring a shift in perspective. Getting out from behind the laptop is a huge priority for me. I love to work remotely — switching up my environment to keep motivation and influence varied. You can usually find me in Melbourne, India, the US or Europe. Offline, I love to take photos, practise yoga, garden, hike, drink coffee and eat pickles (plz send your recommendations!). 

Have a project in mind? I'd love to hear from you!