Jess Knollmeyer


I'm Jess, a freelance web designer in Melbourne specialising in UX/UI web design. I work with small businesses, brands and start-ups to create websites and apps with a purpose. Keen to collaborate?


HI! I'm Jess — Queen troubleshooter, serial bookmarker & gutsy #Ladyboss

Translation? I'm your friendly freelance web designer with a knack for project management and passion for tech. I collaborate with businesses, agencies and start-ups to create websites, digital services and apps with a purpose. With a colourful energy and zest for adventure, I bring focus, a well-guided process and design work across UX & UI to every project.


What I Do


UX Design

It's all about your customers. We first need to discover what problems exist before we map out a solution. This phase includes customer interviews, user journeys, site architecture, wireframes and testing prototypes. 


UI Design

Whether you have an existing style guide or are starting from bare bones, we collaborate on a look and feel that's right for your business. Typography, colours, styles, interactions and transitions inform the final visual aesthetic. 


Platforms + Apps

When there's a need in the market, it's time to create. Together, we can produce a digital product or service that aims to make life a little easier. These projects are typically long-term, very iterative and yes, challenging! 



This is where it all begins. Be ready to answer a load of questions and dive deep into your business, your customers and your vision. I'm not here to just design a page, I'm aiming to improve your business — more customers, more sales, reduced staff hours... let's solve some problems!


User Testing

You like it? I like it? Awesome, but too bad we aren't your customers. Testing and iteration are vital to success. It's incredible what can come out of a short session with only a few people. Test early, test often. When you invest this time upfront, you'll truly see the impact. 


+ More

I'm part of a collective of A+ players working across copywriting, photography, videographyweb development, graphic designbranding + more. If you're interested in working with an amazing freelance team, we've got you covered.


Latest Projects


web design — ignito

An innovative technology across multiple industries, ignito helps to streamline processes in-between warehouse, store and customer. In collaboration with the team, we designed an initial landing page to re-position the product. Full website, app and backend design coming soon. 


Web Design — Challenge

A non-profit working with kids and families impacted by cancer, Challenge is doing some amazing work for the Melbourne community. We collaborated on a new website that helps showcase their programs, educate about fundraisers and to offer a place for donations. 


Web Design — The Travel Specialists

A luxury tour and travel business, the Travel Specialists had a unique challenge operating five websites for their various destinations. We worked together to completely revamp the user experience and visual design, bring all the content under one roof and truly showcase the beauty and personalisation behind their tours.